We will introduce the concepts of Quantum Field Theory and Holography at a basic level in order to understand the importance of using Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods to study Quantum Gravity.

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Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) can be used in applications to Quantum Field Theories and can provide useful insights into Quantum Gravity through the Holographic principle.

This section is a basic introduction to MCMC algorithms. More will be added.

Metropolis algorithm

Metropolis is a basic algorithm to generate a Markov Chain for Monte Carlo methods. More details can be found by downloading Metropolis.pdf. There we include and explain some basic sample code for performing a Gaussian integral, both in C or in Fortran90 language.

Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm

Hybrid Monte Carlo (HMC) can also be used.

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Section with Projects

This part has a lot of physics!! be careful…